2012 Breeding Line-up

Lambing will start at the beginning of January 2013 and will finish at the end of February.  Here you can find information on what ewes have been exposed to what rams.

More information on all of our sheep can be found on our website – www.kenleigh-acres.com

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in lambs from any of these pairings – kenleighacres@yahoo.com

Here are the rams we used this year –

Kenleigh’s Reno – Magic Moon Junior x Rolling Hills Veronica

Byeburn Hector – Haycock Arthur x Ridgecroft Lucia

bide a wee Dalton – Kenleigh’s Imagine x bide a wee Fiona

Patchwork Abraham – Patchwork Belvedere x Sweetgrass Heather 2

Unzicker Aragon – Haycock Arthur x Unzicker Ava

Windy Acres MacCallum – Windy Acres Cisnero x Windy Acres Kay Lee

Here is a listing of the ewes that were bred and who they were bred to –

Kenleigh’s Carrera – Kenleigh’s Wrangler x Meridian Sierra bred to Windy Acres MacCallum

bide a wee Shana – Sweetgrass Tobin x bide a wee Marta bred to bide a wee Dalton

Kenleigh’s Liberty – Magic Moon Junior x Windy Acres Darby bred to Patchwork Abraham

Mud Ranch’s Lisette – Kenleigh’s Raider x Mud Ranch’s Lily bred to Byeburn Hector

Newberry Calgary – Unknown Newberry sire and dam bred to Windy Acres MacCallum

Hunter’s Glen Florence (Precious) – Kenleigh’s Reno x Timber’s Hallelujah bred to Patchwork Abraham

Newberry Opal – Unknown Newberry sire and dam bred to Patchwork Abraham

Meridian Bronwen – Kenleigh’s Royal x Lynde’s Jennifer bred to Unzicker Aragon

Mud Ranch’s Hyacinth – Kenleigh’s Raider x Kenleigh’s Lilly bred to Byeburn Hector

Kenleigh’s Infiniti – Kenleigh’s Wrangler x Zettle’s Izzy bred to Kenleigh’s Reno

Kenleigh’s Emeline – Kenleigh’s Wrangler x Kenleigh’s Holly bred to Kenleigh’s Reno

Kenleigh’s Flirt – Kenleigh’s Wrangler x Meridian Shasta bred to Byeburn Hector

Kenleigh’s Petunia – bide a wee Kell x Zettle’s Blackberry bred to Unzicker Aragon

Kenleigh’s Azera – Magic Moon Junior x Maverick Marloe bred to Unzicker Aragon

bide a wee Althea – Sweetgrass Dustin x bide a wee Sally bred to Patchwork Abraham

Mud Ranch’s Jonquil – Kenleigh’s Debonair x Mud Ranch’s Celeste bred to Patchwork Abraham

Ruby Peak Penstemon – Windy Acres Oberon x Ruby Peak Iris bred to Kenleigh’s Reno

Kenleigh’s Hallelujah – Kenleigh’s Outback x Rolling Hills Eva bred to Kenleigh’s Reno

Kreutzer Farms Izzy – Kreutzer Farms Zeke x Kreutzer Farms Iris bred to Unzicker Aragon

Kenleigh’s Legacy – Meridian Stetson x Zettle’s Isabel bred to Windy Acres MacCallum

Hunter’s Glen Echo – Kenleigh’s Reno x Kenleigh’s Petunia bred to bide a wee Dalton

Kenleigh’s Pacifica – Rolling Hills Joey x Langbank Freckles bred to Byeburn Hector

Rolling Hills Veronica – Rolling Hills Cowboy x Sagebrush Sera bred to Byeburn Hector

Kenleigh’s Avalon – Kenleigh’s Reno x Kenleigh’s Aimee bred to Patchwork Abraham

Mud Ranch’s Queenie – Kenleigh’s Raider x Castle Rock’s Princess bred to Unzicker Aragon

Perfect Spot Ailsa – Unzicker Jedd x Huntsberger Isla bred to Unzicker Aragon

Huntsberger Venus – Unknown Huntsberger sire and dam bred to Unzicker Aragon

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