About Us

We are a small farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon.  In addition to myself, my husband, and our son – the farm is home to ducks, sheep, dogs, cats, and chickens.  We raise registered Jacob Sheep and have been doing so for 6 years.  We use their wool for spinning, knitting, and felting.  We also make horn buttons from the sheep that we butcher.  To help support the farm my husband is a Project Manager/Estimator for a local electrical company and I fill my time with photography/fiber arts/farming/mothering and whatever else comes along 🙂  I hope you enjoy reading about our life on the farm!

8 comments on “About Us

  1. Hi, Shannon, I’ve been enjoying your blog and your website. I followed links from Craig’s list 🙂 What wonderful photos and stories, and so many lambs! I am not very familiar with sheep — our neighbor has some Gottland crosses, and mini-donkeys. Loved seeing Gallo and Magoo. We are on Dillard Rd near Goshen and have alpacas. After agisting for 3 yrs, this is our first yr to have them with us, so we’re still on the high side of the learning curve. We love rural life — Mike was born in Oakridge and me in Texas, but we lived elsewhere for several decades. I’ve knit ‘forever’ and I’m learning to spin. Almost went to the Newports spin-in last wkend — sorry I missed it! I would love to come visit your farm sometime,if you’re available. Thank You!

  2. It is great to see people like you who are making a positive impact in the world by living and raising your family in the country. Your farm is an inspiration to those of us who would like to do what you are doing but in the mean time we can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Enjoy your new babies and life on the farm and Happy Valentines Day to you and your family!!!!

  3. Twylla – Yes, I can do a class for 5 or more people on a weekend or week night. I sent you an e-mail, feel free to reply to that and we can work something out. Thanks!

  4. When I saw the picutures of your border collie, I thought someone had taken pictures of my dog Diva…… if I knew how to send you her photo, I would…….. I may!……robt and diva

  5. I was given an orphaned Jacob sheep, and he’s about 8 months old now (the rest of our herd are Barbados). I love my Tommy Boy to bits, but I’m worried about him…over the last week, I have twice tried to lead him the barn by tugging (gently) on one his horns (he’s got 4), and he fell over and could not get back up by himself. Once I got him up, he walked about like a drunk for several minutes. Has this ever happened to any of your sheep? Thank you!

    • Hi Lori – No, I have never had this happen with any of our sheep. Are his horns loose? It sounds like there might be a spinal cord issue, but I don’t know what that would be??? I’m sorry I’m not much use!

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