2 comments on “Meet the Dogs – Paisley

  1. Hey! What happened to that little male border collie pup? He was a cutie but I remember you saying that he had some quirks you weren’t sure you wanted to have around. Nice dogs! I remember Paisley and she’s a cutie! 😀 Enjoying your blog… Joan

  2. Thanks! They all have their quirks 🙂 He was a cutie and I miss him, but he is enjoying himself on a golf course in California. He is a goose dog and is on patrol trying to keep the darn geese off the greens. The opportunity popped up out of the blue and he was always obsessed with my ducks, plus he gets to ride around in style on a golf cart! Here is a link to the golf course – http://www.turlockcountryclub.com/

    I just saw your avatar and laughed because mine is a jacob lamb as well 🙂 Take care!

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