3 comments on “JSBA’s AGM in Dixon, CA

  1. Wish I could have been there, one of these years !

    I find the genetics so very interesting, and I appreciate the Jacob’s ability to frustrate us when it comes to trying to breed to our standards ! Kind of like weather prediction don’t you think ?

    In the past some of my favorite sheep, with the physical appearance I consider my ‘ideal’ have come from ewes others would have definitely culled. It is this very quality that attracted me to the breed, and this quality that has kept me fascinated by the breed. And yes, the wool too. I have kept my wool labeled so I can tell what sheep the wool I am working with comes from, and every year the wool changes. I know this is undesirable for many reasons, but I love this quirk. It makes all my creations and craftings so much more interesting .Kathy Burnson

  2. Wow I missed alot! Bummer… I hope it is in the West again so we can go. It was a lot of fun, thanks for the write-up, though you made very jealous of Saturday’s dinner and a bit jealous about the inspectors clinic!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Kathy’s comments about breeding Jacobs being a (using my words) “crap-shoot” 😉 I love that about the Jacobs because they are so unpredictable!

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