8 comments on “Whippets, Whippets, Whippets…

  1. Those PJs are absolutely adorable! Traum needs rubber ducky ones, to match his slippers LOL (Well… he doesn’t think so. He HATES to wear clothes ;0P)

  2. Well, you KNOW I think Danica should have taken BOB! She is my absolute favorite….almost makes me want to have a whippet! 🙂 LOVED the painted mask and the action shot, that owner has a great sense of humor!

  3. That painted mask is very funny, loved seeing it on while she raced. 😀 I also like your jammies! See! Obviously you can sew… So I’m not going to believe you on that one anymore… From a sew-dumb person. 😉

  4. Thanks Wrensong Farm! There were several instances where I was amazed at the sense of humor – much different than all of the other dog events I have been involved in. It was so much fun!

    mudranch – as you know I have made comments before that ‘I DON’T sew’. Well…I can’t say that anymore! I even bought my very own sewing machine. I was really racking up the miles driving up to my parents. I can even thread the machine all by myself 😉

  5. So glad to hear you OWN a sewing machine now!!! Excellent! Now you can start making those ribbon quilts I’ve been bugging you about…I know once you look at one, you’ll be able to make one in about…oh…five minutes 😉

  6. I’m catching up on your blog–I always have fun reading it and you have such great photos. Those whippet races sound like fun. Do you make matching jammies for the owners?

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