3 comments on “The Challenges…

  1. I agree with you Shannon. You never know what you will get with this breed and for me that’s half the fun of raising them. My first lamb this year was all white (not exactly what a Jacob breeder wants) and her twin sister, bred to the same ram, produced beautifully marked lambs. Go figure! I have learned that there is no such thing as a perfect Jacob Sheep. I will cross my fingers for another year like you had with the triplets.

  2. Boy, ditto on the above comments. Sometimes I am so excited by the lambs, then the horns start showing their true nature,
    ….or the temperament of a sheep might be a bit too wild, but the markings and horns are great, or…..

    Speaking of temperament, I have found the moms pass on their temperament, and after some wild adventures with a certain line of my sheep I did some culling. The sheep had markings and horns I loved, but the uncontrollable nature affected the whole flock and caused stress.( stress for me especially ) I finally have enough sheep I am happy with and decided I can afford to be very particular about which sheep and lines I keep. Does anyone else have an opinion about this?

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