10 comments on “Paisley’s tale of woe…

  1. Unfortunately, this will put an end to her racing career. It is really sad because she loved it so much. She will still be able to run around at home and such, but not in competition. Even if the vet gave the go ahead, I’m not sure I would enjoy it. I would always be concerned that she would injure herself again.

  2. OMG!!!! Poor Paisley!! (and poor Shannon!!!) 😦 That must have been horrible for the both of you. I’m SO glad those ladies came along to help. I’m sending healing vibes as well for a quick recovery! Give her a kiss on her sweet head for me. (I’m still cringing thinking of the sound)

  3. That is sad! Poor girl. When Lucy had her toe amputated, the vet gave me a “no-chew” bandage. I’m not sure just what it is that discourages chewing, but dogs won’t chew it. It sure helped during her recovery to not have to deal with her trying to pull the bandage off.

  4. OUCH ! It must be hard to keep Paisley down and her bandages on. Hope she recovers quickly and well. Just imagine how badly things could have been had there not ‘just happened ‘ to be 2 ladies nearby, or you had just ‘not happened ‘ to step outside and see the moment Paisley broke her leg….seems an awful lot of fortuitous events. Don’t you just love small evidences of God’s care in the events and happenings in our lives ?

  5. OUCH! Doesn’t it just break your heart when an animal hurts? They have no idea what’s going on and only look to us to make it all better.

    Poor thing. But she’s in the best of care, that’s for sure.

  6. Oh I am so sorry to hear about poor Paisley! I hope she heals quickly and what a smart mama you are with those jammies!

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