5 comments on “Cull half my flock???

  1. The hotwire should work because she’s probably leading with her nose……otherwise, being as she is your son’s favorite, I guess you’ll just have to build her a special pen! 🙂

  2. Yea, I agree with Tammy, It’s easier to fix the fence than to change the way a Jacob thinks. Several years ago we sprayed an area of one pasture for morning glory and put up that heavy orange plastic construction fence and as soon as one went under it they all did. Hot wire!

  3. So, hot wire does work ? We had hot wire a few years ago and our daughter’s Suffolks had no problem going through it.

    How could you cull such a sweet looking ewe ? You should see the ram’s fencing we have here.looks like a war zone in some places. I really think Jacob’s need the kind of fencing that can hold elephants, what do you think ?

  4. Yes, hot wire will work if you put it in the right area and they hit it with their noses. We finally put hot wire up in our ram pen and it works GREAT!!! They are very respectful of it. I have always joked that I want to build individual ram pens with guard rail – kind of like they do for the bucking bulls at the rodeo grounds.

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