6 comments on “Fleeces and Fiber Yields

  1. Thanks Shannon. Very interesting. I would guess that Jacobs as a breed would have a higher yield because of their nature of having a lower lanolin level than most other sheep breeds. So I guess it would help to have them sheared in the summer
    when there is less moisture in their fleece. In this climate you would add a lot of weight.

  2. I have noticed how little lanolin, or grease my Jacobs have. I have also noticed how much money I save in wool processing by skirting heavily, and washing before I take wool in for carding. In the past few years I have been processing ( washing & carding ) some of my better fleeces myself ! Now if I could only find a good deal on a big, commercial carder….thanks for the info, and I love to read about breed specific stuff on Jacob sheep !

  3. There is a certain amount of waste per run, so you are getting a lower yield if you are processing just one fleece per run. I usually process all my own fleeces, but sent most out this year, separated into 3 to 5 lb batches by color and type. I was abit disappointed in the yield. If I do send any out next year, I’ll wash them first and send to a processor that charges by finished weight, rather than incoming weight.

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