5 comments on “Meet our new Jacob ram – Ramsey

  1. Yay! Wish I lived closer… again. 😉 Ramsey is very cute and oh so perfect according to breed standards. He looks like he has nice fine fleece too! 😀 Great job Shannon… Now if you could do horns like Dudly… LOL

  2. Very, very , nice needle felting. I have done a little and plan on really getting down to getting better at the art this year. If I lived closer I would sign up for classes.

    Good for you too, to just go for it. I am trying to work up the boldness and self-confidence required to go forth with some long held goals…and encouraged to see you do it!

    You left a comment on electric fencing for a possible solution for ram control, I have tried it and it doesn’t work Three strands of electric fencing did not stop a whole flock of walking right through it. A flock of wet and sheared sheep , which means they did not have the insulating coat to prevent shock. Wish it did work.

    If our ram gets too much more destructive he will be at the taxidermist’s!

  3. I love Ramsey! He’s just so cute! I learned how to needle felt over the Christmas holiday and made some ornaments. I had the most trouble making the legs for animals. Do you use wire in the legs? If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them. If I was closer I would take your classes but I’m a bit far for that!

  4. OMG!! I LOVE Ramsey!! Sign me up for all three of your classes! I can vouch how perfect that little house of yours is for your classes and shop (having spent a nice evening there):)

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