10 comments on “Finally!!!

  1. Oh how cute. They are flashy little girls, like their mama. I love what you are doing with your studio. I wish I lived closer so I could take classes from you, maybe I can squeeze in a couple classes during the summer if you have started up by then.

  2. Adorable! And I love their names. Perfect for such a day! Your valances are so very creative – I love them! What a fun project. And your logo! FAB!

  3. Congrats Shannon! Love the ewe’s name, that on my list for a special ewe lamb maybe this year?… We’ll see but hey, we both own Violets, Celestes and Hollys. 😀

    Awesome valances! You are well on your way to an awesome studio! Love the labels you did for your wool too and the logo really is eye catching… Hmmmm… I’ve gotta get going on one for my sheep! I wish something would just pop in my head, and hopefully not at one o’clock in the morning. 😉

    PS: Watch out! Those ewes are gonna start spitting them out now that Maybelline started!

  4. Ohhhhhh! Beautiful lambs. I am so excited about lambing and am amazed we don’t have any yet, the ladies look like they should have lambed awhile ago. Your fiber studio looks like a place I would enjoy working on wool in , and I am excited for you in this endeavor!Looking forward to more posts about lambs and your fiber art.

  5. I swear, as much as I love the Shetlands there is nothing cuter than a Jacob lamb!! I’m willing to bet the floodgates are getting ready to open!

  6. WOOHOO–lambs!!!

    The logo is awesome (I wouldn’t expect anything less than awesome from you of course).

    Funny story: This past weekend my mom came over to the house to pick me up for the dog show; she walked into the living room and saw the pillow you made me sitting on the couch. She picked it up, looked it over and then (with much love and a smile on her face) said, “I hate her.”

  7. smj – I will definitely have my studio up and running by this summer. That would be fun for you to come down! The best part is that I still have a guest bedroom available.

    cardigancorgis – That is too funny! I can totally see her saying that. Thanks for the good laugh this morning 🙂 Tell her that I still like her!

    Thanks for all of the nice comments. I am getting really excited about it!

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