7 comments on “They are all here…well almost!

  1. Guess what! Guess what! I’m getting a Jacob lamb! On March 7! From Fremont, Nebraska! Oh, I am so excited to have found some close enough to be able to get one. We will go see the lambs and select one. I hope that mine is even half as cute as yours. Honor is gorgeous – what a big boy!

  2. Little Cheer looks very much like a lamb I have. Cheer fits her! What cute lambs…now you get to watch them grow and enjoy all their frolics and foibles!

  3. BTW, what is Bella’s pedigree ? She looks like she could be a twin ( triplet ) to the two ewes I bought from Doug and Karen of Bide-a-wee.I had to look twice to make sure you hadn’t posted one of my pictures!

  4. Michelle – that is a great name! The name ‘Flirt’ fits her personality. She is a funny girl. I love how each one is so different.

    Claire – That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see your Jacob lamb 🙂

    Kathy – Bella is from Robin Lynde. Her sire is Meridian Willy and dam is Hillside Marie’s Ann. That is really funny 🙂

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