7 comments on “Wooly Girls

  1. First, that tote is awesome. The rooster is stunning! Great job!

    Second, that is so neat to have Infinity’s sister back… She was one of my favorite ewes from last year and I too love those wide 2-horn girls. I guess that’s one reason I love Lilly so much. 😉

  2. The are both very pretty. I also love the wide two horned sheep, boys or girls. I got to pick through Pacifica’s fleece when she was in the back of Tammy’s trailer and it is lovely also. I am wondering if the fleeces grew so long because of the harsh winter we have had up north and the fact that they were with out cover for awhile. Also more than 12 mo of growth. I was stunned at how long it was…

  3. I love that Tote! That Rooster looks awesome:) I have several ewes that are Puff Balls 🙂 You want to come shear them in your free time??? Heheheheheheh

  4. I’m sure glad you took your two girls back (and Gypsy too) I like knowing they are in good hands. Can’t wait to see the lambs they have. 🙂 Love your rooster tote!!

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