9 comments on “Lots of Ducklings!

  1. Ducklings! Aren’t they precious? And to have ducklings and a young son to enjoy them, even more precious. Beautiful photos…

    Did a Call Duck hatch them all out?

  2. SOOOO cute! and really great pictures too! I am most jealous of the dandelion though–we have not yet had our first-we have a party planned for when it happens!

  3. OMG I can’t handle all this cute in one sitting! I sure hope my girls are able to hatch as many. It will be the first time any of my birds have raised their own chicks and we’re really anxious and excited to see what we end up with. I have 3 Buff Ducks, 3 Blue Swedish and a pair of Cayugas, so we’re going to get all sorts of patterns and colors!

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