2 comments on “The colors of a fleece

  1. I am constantly amazed at all the different colors in their fleeces — especially since they’re supposed to be “black and white.” There’s so many different shades… they’re neat sheep!

  2. I cannot wait to see your progress and the end result! Symphony is a lovely Jacob ewe!

    The flowers in your previous post are abundant around here too, but I don’t know what they are either! Gotta look them up!

    I like your ducks. The only surviving ducks I have( from coyote massacre) are a runner female and a Call male, they have been mating ( that’s a sight! ) and have laid a huge clutch of eggs. I put 2 under a broody banty and am so curious as to what that combo might produce.

    I enjoy the photos of your son with the baby animals…he is living a life so many children would benefit from, and you are all so blessed.

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