4 comments on “The harsh reality

  1. Oh my goodness! How awful for you to come upon such a scene after having been secure about the safety of the pens. I have the same fears that even though I *think* my pens/coops are safe, what if…

    I’m so glad that one duckling survived, and that your chickens have so graciously agreed to sit on the other eggs! I am sure they will make excellent surrogate mothers for those little ducklings.

  2. You probably read my story of carnage wrought by coyotes last December. We have raised another batch of ducklings and hope we have made a better , predator proof pen, but we still have raccoons and coyotes prowling just outside the pens at night, we can see them from our bedroom window, and I am positive it was a wolf I heard howling very close by the other night, so I am rechecking my sheep pens.

    But how awful, to see such carnage , and find your special ducks like that! I hope those hens finish the hatching!

  3. The issue of predators and our poultry will be a continuing saga – DH built a chicken coop up on stilts – solid all around with hardware wire for the one open area of the coop We put the chickens in each night and actually latch the little door (raccoons are might nimble with their paws) – so sorry – it is heartbreaking no matter how long one has been keeping animals – we try to be a “good shepherd” but still have losses. Sorry.

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