7 comments on “Purses, Totes, and Bags – oh my!

  1. Just beautiful! Inspirational too. I am making purses from my handspun and handwoven jacob wool, and think I might incorporate s bit of needlefelting in them. I love seeing pictures of your finished work Shannon.

  2. Very nice Shannon! I love the first one — the one with the teal leaves is nice and so is the purple flower… well, they’re all great, those are just the ones that caught my eye. The chicken is really outstanding too, especially for a chicken lover. 😉

  3. Thanks!!! Emily – We will be vending and showing sheep at BSG. What day(s) are you coming? I will be on the lookout for you. Nope, I can’t take credit for the wet felted part, just the needle felting on the front 😉

  4. I don’t know what day(s) I’ll be there, but I’m there at least a day, every year 🙂 I’m not too far from the fairgrounds, so generally plan last min when we’re going!

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