7 comments on “My goal is 50…

  1. Thanks for the Sheep Pix. As you can tell from our blog, we have an affinity for them but, alas, it is from afar as none of us have any “real” sheep. These are so very pretty!! Sheep C

  2. I hope you post your breeding groups like you did last year. I was sooooooo excited when you told me I was first to be on your pick list for 2010 spring lambs. I am excited to see what your new lilac ram lamb produces. Your ewe lamb, second pic from the bottom is a very pretty girl…

  3. Mine is 45…..and I think I will be at 44 and 4 are shetlands…so they don’t count? 🙂 Makes winter easier that is for sure! How did the rodeo go????

  4. Yeah, Robin just asked me today how many sheep I have… couldn’t give her an answer! I’m guessing around 35 ewes but if I keep their babies, it will be too many! 😀 Time for culling…

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