3 comments on “Doing chores in triple digit weather

  1. Yes, triple digits as far as temperature goes, are not our norm and most of us do not have homes that have had to deal with them. So air conditioning is not in most of our homes, and our animals and gardens are not well equipped to deal with high temps either. Like your suggestions! Might try them out tomorrow.

  2. We have the heat up north as well. Seattle had an all time high yesterday of 103 degrees, the hottest since they have been keeping track of temp from 1891. I have a pic of what my pastures look like on my home page. I give my sheep cool water twice a day when it is hot like this, to bad they don’t swim… 🙂

  3. Hasn’t the weather been just crazy? Here in Illinois, we have had the coolest July in recorded history! Wet, too. Good for the sheep, but not for the crops. That’s ok with me, I prefer happy sheep.

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