6 comments on “How is it that time of year again?

  1. Yes! Breeding season, my decisions will be much easier. I will have one older ram, Goth, and a new ram. Goth gets every ewe he is not related to. The new ram gets the rest!It would be a lot of fun to have the pasture and sheep you have….what a wonderful life. I am blessed beyond comprehension here, but every once in awhile I gaze over into someones’ pastures ( yes, PASTURES! I don’t have pastures) and a little covetousness pops out. But then I am very happy to see your pastures full of healthy sheep and your family living a full and blessed life enjoying your flocks!

  2. Yep — still stuck about who’s going with who but I may have it fairly well figured out like Kathy. Most that aren’t related to Raider go to him, though the small handful that aren’t related to Hudson go do him… Yikes, I hope I can keep it straight! 😀 Good luck with yours! 😉

  3. His own little flock…how cute! I hope you will post some of those pride-filled pics when his lambs come!

    Julian’s wool and horns have me drooling-what a hunk-o-sheep! Wrangler is waaay cool too! My girls are going unbred this year (again) 😦

  4. I’ll spend most of the year working out my breeding lineup – even going so far as to plan the breedings for unborn lambs! I change it so often that using Theron’s method or the first 6 out method might work as well 🙂 It is exciting to be thinking about 2010 lambs.

  5. I know, I can’t believe it’s that time of year AGAIN. Summer is almost over and the cooler weather will be starting soon. Your rams are very handsome and it’s always fun to dream of what next springs lambs might look like especially with your two new rams this year.

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