10 comments on “A whole bunch of cuteness!

  1. Your title had me quickly coming to your blog to see if you had started lambing! Now I wonder…..is there a new corgi pup in your near future???? Hmmmmm

  2. I love the feel of rabbit fur….especially when it is still attached to the rabbit! 😛 How lucky for you (not so lucky for Theron!) that those puppies were spoken for…I’m sure you would have gone home with one!!

  3. Oh boy, bunnies, puppies, and a cute little boy…you’re right, a WHOLE bunch of cuteness. It really is a good thing you don’t have to say “no”, I am always a sucker for kids wanting pets….good thing I have a husband who is much more practical about this. Is your husband good at being practical regarding cute baby animals needing homes?

    Our daughter used to have mini-rex rabbits, they have to be one of the softest, most plush animals alive.And cute~

  4. Yes, he is very practical!!! He is also very good at saying no, which is a good thing because I would say ‘yes’ in regards to all of the animals. He has also been very good natured about the animals I have brought home, which includes kittens, puppies, sheep, and an orphaned foal that I had to bottle feed 🙂

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