7 comments on “Such form and grace

  1. Well if I ever need to sleep, I’ll call that sheep!!!

    Galaxy says she needs to see you soon. You free this week at all, such as wens afternoon or friday?? It’s been a hellava term this term, and it’s ALMOST over… this week is deadweek, and next is finals. I see an end!! ;0P

  2. She would drive me crazy – but she is beautiful and those are great pictures. The thought of being at a herding dog class when a ewe comes jumping in and then back out is hilarious.

  3. She really is very cute… Love her horns! You are right about form and grace, very deer-like! 😀 Too bad she won’t stay put.

  4. Great action shots! I love her spunk and inquisitiveness…of course I’m not the one who has to mend the fences or make sure she is where she belongs!!

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