5 comments on “An unplanned visit

  1. I want a blue face! They are the perfect story book sheep… So stinkin’ cute! 😀 I really like the tan ewe lamb with the cute spots on her nose… Too much. 😉

  2. So much fun to see the new lambs, no matter what the breed, they’re all beautiful! Your son looks pretty happy with that goat, perhaps a couple of goats in your future?

  3. I have never noticed the Blueface sheep before, they are cute! What adorable babies. And of course the goat likes licking the short bristly hair of another “kid” !

  4. I have only had Shetlands, but the Blue Face are quite nice sheep. A friend in Bend had them and I really admired them. Nice fleece too. Oh, Shannon, my friend with the Jacobs is named Val. Can’t think of her last name yet. It may or may not come. 🙂

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