8 comments on “All about the horns

  1. Wow…so many variables! Qaulity of fleece, color, horns, size of carcass….I’m exhausted! You go girl!

  2. Thanks for the informative tutorial…I’m a visual learner so the photos are really helpful… as well as adorable!

  3. To me, horns are the “make or break” part of raising Jacobs. It’s so easy to fall in love with a lamb with wonderful markings and fleece. But then there is the frustrating wait – and horns can sure change by the minute. I have a horns post in the works, so may get to it while I’m thinking about it. Great post!

  4. Great post and pictures. I love Reno, I think he was pretty ugly as a baby but has matured to a very very handsome ram, glad you kept him. I find it very hard to decide what I might keep and what to sell at an early age. I would love to see someone do a post on judging birth fleece with lots of pictures. My Smokey last year looked like he had inconsistant fleece at birth but at 4 months of age his fleece was beautiful and he went on to win Grand Champion ram. How do you judge lamb fleeces properly?

  5. Thanks everybody! I look forward to your horn’s post Linda. I will try to do a fleece post in the next week or so. I have taken quite a few photos of fleeces this year.

  6. Horns are a hot topic for Icelandic breeders as well. Interesting, how your Jacobs have such POINTY! horns, compared to ours. Ouch! That could hurt! Very nice, informative post. It’s hard enough to get two horns looking good, I can’t imagine trying to deal with 4!

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