7 comments on “S is for…

  1. Very cool! Theron found a beauty. I have never seen one like that here, we usually find garter snakes and some have red stripes but on their tops. I had snakes as a kid and still like them. Good job Theron.

  2. I have never even seen a picture of that kind of snake; very cool! We see very few snakes of any kind here, which is okay by me. Having lived in venomous snake county, they always give me a start, even though I know the ones we have here are innocuous.

  3. Okay…you made me laugh….first crush on Bindi! I knew I loved your son…..my second crush was Crocodile Hunter and I am still mourning his death. Of course my first real crush I married!

  4. He certainly couldn’t have picked a nicer snake in temperament than a ring neck! Another nice (my first pet snake) one is a rosey boa but you may be too wet up there for them. They’re so sweet. Great find for Theron, so glad he got to have something that’s his for a little while. 😉

  5. I’m glad we don’t have venomous or huge snakes here. I don’t think we have rosey boas here – good to know that they are sweet. This particular snake is very docile. They make a very simple ‘first’ pet.

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