6 comments on “When the shepherd’s away…

  1. That is hilarious. I had a bust-out yesterday from Bianca, who was in the barn because she is being milked right now. Just nonchalantly walking around the yard, sampling the ornamental plants. Little stinkers! What are the sides of your raised beds made from? They look metal?! That would be better for mine. I’m curious now!

  2. I was totally expecting Queenie to be a part of that mix and was feeling a little guilty for producing hoodlums (with your genetics of course!) 😉 Glad to see she wasn’t. 😀

  3. Maybe they were just trying to show you what could happen to the garden once it is planted unless the fence gets taken care of….

  4. G’ma says that she want ‘super ccute Colton’. You’ll just have get a better gate keeper.


    G’ma & G’pa

  5. Claire – Yes, they are metal. I can’t remember where it originally came from, but it is salvaged metal roofing. It has tongue and groove sections that create a lip on the top. I’ll take close-up pictures for you. No rotting worries!

    Since Queenie has bloomed into a young lady, she has been behaving herself 😉

    Chance is moving on down the road in 4 days!!! I love her horns too, but she needs to leave before she jumps into the road! I was hoping she wouldn’t be able to jump once she got fat enough, but now she is jumping higher fences. I am 5’7″ and I saw her jump a fence that is up to my chest…pretty impressive if I wasn’t trying to keep her in!

    Chai Chai – you are probably right 🙂

    G’pa – Good thing for you he is already sold! I’m not sure G’ma would appreciate him eating her roses, lol.

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