4 comments on “The many ‘funny’ faces of Tumbler

  1. What a NUT!! That is hilarious! My fav is the #3 photo, I don’t know how he’s doing that but it looks like he’s whistling! 😀 So cute, and what a goof… Defintitely fits his clowny facial marking. 😉

  2. He is very unusual looking but very handsome. I have never seen a horse with stark white eye lashes like that. He looks like he loves the attention quite a bit.

  3. WHAT A BEAUTY! Makes Seabiscuit look like a nag!

    Since I’m employed by The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, I’ve alerted them of a ‘mystery’ entree in this year’s million-dollar Pacific Classic race. I’m putting two-dollars to win on Turf ‘n Tumble!

    Uncle Bill

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