4 comments on “Making sheep work easier

  1. How exciting about the 3-way! That is a really nice piece of equipment, hopefully your demonstration helped with the sale of that! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The first one you used was my favorite. It’s so crisp… Obviously working in “Manual” is paying off. 😉

  2. Hi, Shannon- Your herding demo was great! I was so impressed with how low and slow Kate worked. I have gate envy, but have had a crook for years and wouldn’t want to be without. Good for reminding rams how far back you want them too. But there’s nothing manufactured that I would rather have than a good dog. Betsy is the best farmhand here.

  3. That is one great piece of equipment!! I have been thinking about doing a post requesting suggestions for setting up a farm…if we end up getting that 10 acres of raw land, I want to do it right (and try and cut down my work load!). I have had a crook for over 20 years…it is the one thing I rarely go down to the barn without…arm extensions are great! 😛

  4. A crook, absolutely. And I could see a lot of possibilities with nice pens like that. Currently we cram everyone in a 14×14 pen and try to work in there. With all Jacobs that would be fine, but you wouldn’t believe how many times a Cotswold will try to come back through the de-wormer “line”. And if you aren’t giving them the attention they want, they start biting you, chewing on your hair clip, pulling the elastic pulls on your polar fleece top… Sigh.

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