8 comments on “Three little piggies…

  1. The part I really appreciate about raising them is that I know they were raised humanely with compassion. I know they were fed a healthy diet and I know I am feeding my family a healthy product.

  2. I second that Shannon… especially with pork. We don’t eat pork but I can sure appreciate home grown way above store bought, especially with pigs. They certainly don’t lead very good lives and are usually fed badly. I bet home grown pork is actually tasty too! 🙂 I like your red/white girl, she’s so pretty!

  3. They are adorable at this stage but I bet when they are large you will be ready to put fresh homegrown pork in your freezer. There is a DVD called Food INC. that I watched recently that was very eye opening about what our purchased food supply is really like and not what they want us to believe.

  4. I really like your page and info! It gives me great advice for our own ranch here in Pine, Colorado!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for the article. We are wanting to do the same thing and I have had a hard time finding quality pictures of pens. Your article covered a lot of my questions.

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