5 comments on “Doing a little bit of catch up…

  1. First, give Infiniti and Lulu scratches from me… Especially Infiniti. 🙂

    Second, give Bailey some extra hugs and pets from me… And tell her of the day to day affairs that I know she would love to hear. I know she would definitely be one to sign up for a Facebook account if she had opposable thumbs. 😉

    Third, your drive to deliver a certain ram was gorgeous and thankfully looked like dry snow. The wet slop is much scarier. 🙂

    Fourth, I had the opportunity to get Highland cattle the same time I got Jacob sheep and am still sad sometimes that we didn’t. The are about the cutest things on earth, and so docile.

    Fifth, AWESOME job on the ponies! Love them! 😀

  2. Mudranch – Check, Check (she does have a LOT to say), I completely agree, I’m glad you went with jacobs because I really enjoy our friendship :), and thanks!

    Thanks Carolynn!

    Patchworkfibers – He has 8 pretty ladies making the snow a little more bearable 🙂 His new owner says he is doing great!

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