5 comments on “Shearing day!

  1. Nice batch of fleece! I’m thinking on shearing mine in February, a month before they lamb. We’ll see how that plan works out. I’m worried a bit about the cold weather but they can get out of the rain, if they so choose and I can lock them in at night. Unfortunately, my fleeces won’t be very long as they were done in late spring this last time.

  2. Now that he is getting used to his glasses he is wearing them more and I am getting pictures of him wearing them 🙂 It makes him look so grown up! He was prescribed glasses awhile ago for wandering eye in both eyes. Turns out he was seeing double vertically and horizontally! He didn’t know it because that is how he has always seen things. I didn’t know that both your boys wear glasses.
    I had to short shear the ewes the first year I sheared them before they lambed. I know you would be happy with the fleeces 🙂

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