8 comments on “A change of plans…

  1. That photo of Holly busted me up! Poor gal!! You really caught her emotion there… As if sheep are stupid eh?

    Funny on the name changing theme! I HAD a ewe named Duchess but she wasn’t my type… I’ve got her daughter from last year still, Emma (named for her gram.) Anyway, glad Queenie did a good job and that all was well.
    – The Proud Great-Grandma 😉

  2. I thought I remembered you having a Duchess. The name fits this little girl.
    Yeah, poor Holly. She is very uncomfortable and unhappy tonight! No sheep are not stupid 😉

  3. Great pictures and fun blog! I’ll be back to see Holly’s lamb! Hope it’s soon, for her sake. My sister’s always bugging me to get some sheep on our farm. Now I’ll just send her to your blog to enjoy them!

  4. Thanks neverwinterfarm! Looking forward to seeing your lambs when they get here.
    Does Brian have any good dragon names for me? The problem is coming up with names that are easy for people to say 🙂 Thanks!
    Thanks for stopping by! Looks like Holly will be lambing this afternoon. She is in the beginning stages of labor, so check back soon!

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