10 comments on “A little longer than planned!

  1. I love whippets! They have the best facial expressions. My grandmother and aunts had a number of whippets as I was growing up. Yours is a lovely girl!

  2. Another fiber friend went to that, but was delivering a horse and a pony on the same trip and had to chain up truck AND trailer! Glad you and Paisley made it home safely, and hope you had good sales!

    • Yuck!!! She probably went over Santiam since she was coming from up North. It looked REALLY bad! I went over Hwy 58 and you could at least ‘see’ tire tracks. The Santiam pass looked like a blizzard. Hopefully she made it back safe and sound. Sales were excellent, which was really nice since I had a few more expenses than planned for.

  3. My friend and I had planned to go to Prineville on Sunday not realizing the show ended on Sat. After reading your pass report, I’m glad we ended up driving north instead.
    I love your bags and scarves! Beautiful!

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