11 comments on “Browsers or Grazers

  1. Great post, especially in catching them doing both. 🙂 That is one thing I LOVE about Jacobs – their ability to do both. I think it is something the breed should be proud of.

  2. Your photos have such movement and natural beauty. I’m enjoying your site. Good thing you carry your camera on you, but you must have that ready-eye that is more capable of spotting a great opportunity while others drive on by! To see the beauty what is mistakenly taken for “ordinary” or to spy a gem in the field…THAT is talent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Ken! I have been trying to add you to my blog front page — so you can be on my list of my “Favorite Neighbors,” but it isn’t letting me do it. Just so you know, I am going to keep trying! I love your pictures and the information you provide. Since we can live on our acreage full time yet and are having to live in the city until retirement hits – just about another year, then we can move. I’m learning a lot from blogs like yours. Keep clicking!! I’ll be back later.

    • Thanks Lana! I have found that WordPress and Blogspot don’t communicate well. Thanks for trying 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you find my little blog informative…comments like this keep me clicking 😉

  4. It must be their primitive nature, Icelandics are the same way. Great for clearing land. We had a section along our creek that was a total wreck, full of brambles, weeds, saplings. Now that’s all gone.

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