11 comments on “Focusing on the Positive

  1. It has been an emotional week here leading up to my horse’s departure tomorrow, difficult days with my son, and “meeting” a new blogpal who just lost her husband, so this post just turned on the faucet all over again….

    I’m so sorry, Shannon. Thankful for you that Infiniti will be fine, and that your vet AND your son are so wonderful!

  2. I’m so sorry! I guess it wasn’t a good farming day. One of our pigs was injured and we had to put it down.

    I hope you have many healthy lambs for the rest of the season.

    I posted a photo of the custom felted sheep on my blog today and have gotten comments on how cute it is. It looks just like Ziggy and my husband loves it! Thanks again for making it.

    • His offer was VERY generous…he offered me Precious’ first lamb. Her lamb wasn’t even going to be for sale because he wanted to build a whole flock of Precious sheep.

  3. Sorry to hear this Shannon–that was one HUGE lamb. Glad Infiniti is doing well. Love that Theron offered to share his lambs…

  4. Sorry to hear that! It is always heartbreaking to lose a lamb! I lost my first lamb that was ever born here (also was a bottle baby), and it was so sad! I think that the most beautiful thing about this was your son’s offer! That is so sweet!

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