16 comments on “Feeling good!

  1. So fun to see the joy you get out of your babies. So cute. Wished I lived close enough to come see them. They are adorable. Congrats. And glad the momma who lost hers is feeling better. I know we have had a puppy sick for 3 days and it was so wonderful to seem him zoomie around the house last night. Love our creatures from God.

    • So glad to hear that Flyte is feeling good enough for the zoomies again 🙂 Always scary when they aren’t feeling well. We are very lucky to share our lives with such precious creatures.

  2. Infinity looks great after her ordeal, that’s good. My sheep have been pronging quite a bit lately and they look so funny with full fleece and bellies, like huge cotton balls. It is sunny today and my shearer is going to be here at noon so I don’t think I will see any pronging today… Your new babies are so adorable.

    • I am very pleased with how Infiniti looks – very scary! Huge cotton balls pronging around the pasture paints a funny picture 🙂 Have fun shearing today, it is a great day for it.

  3. Beautiful photos, Shannon! Those lambs are perfect. Normally, I’d say that this makes me feel like I just CANNOT wait for my lambs. But, for some reason….I am feeling very patient this year. Things seem easy right now and I’m feeling very winter-lazy. Very happy that Infiniti is bouncing back so nicely (literally.)

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