5 comments on “Sorting through a mountain of fleeces!

  1. Michelle, I DO take a year to get through that many! 😀

    Beautiful fleeces, Shannon. Lovely, each and every one. I sure love Amber… So glad I’ve got some of her offspring. 🙂

    • Good grief… Nevermind the Amber comment… I get her and Bronwen confused at times. Then I go back and thoroughly read and … well… 😛 I love Bronwen too!! 😉

  2. OK i know very little about fleeces except that i HAVE a couple in my store room. MANY YEARS ago i did spin but I do not have a wheel here. But even without a wheel i am loathe to turn my fleeces into duvets for the dogs. they just smell so good and you never know.. one day i will find a wheel.. c

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