9 comments on “Glorious mornings

  1. Yes what a beautiful day there with all the cute lambs. Gorgeous pictures of the geese and quail. And your grass is really growing!! It is still in winter mode here!

    • The grass is out of winter mode here – good for the pastures, bad for us because now the lawn needs to be mowed 😉 The pasture they are on in the first picture was eaten down to very little growth a week ago and I was surprised to see that I could put them back on it today. Thank you!

  2. I need lamb race pictures…heck if you can’t get a good one this year…just put up that postcard making picture from last year…k? Beautiful as always and those hens are amazing. What colored eggs do they lay?

  3. I loved seeing all of your farm animals! I was starting to hum “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and then you nixed it with the dounpour! Oh well, sunny days are ahead, and good luck with the new lambs!

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