11 comments on “Mountain climbing sheep

  1. fantastic work, i should bring tonton to visit and work alongside, his problem is that our three sheep think HE is a sheep! But i actually don’t need him to herd anyway. This was an excellent series of shots.. c

  2. Excellant pictures of Kate and the sheep!! I bet when Joan gets her dog for herding the sheep will be half way to being herded more easily with the hard work that Kate put in working them. glad that Kate was able to relax in the creek after her hard work!!! Yeah Kate!!!

  3. I love seeing your take on things… Always interesting how people see different enviornments. Mountains are taken for granted around here. 🙂 Love the shots you got of them up on the hill (see I just called it a ‘hill’.) 😀

    • It always amazes me the different perspectives people have in the same exact situation. I would normally call it a ‘hill’ too, but mountain sounded much better 😉 Mountains are what I had to travel through to get to your house, lol.

  4. Next time you go, I have three girls that want to tag along! They would like to give it a try……just saying! Love the shot of all the sheep coming in….wow that is a lot of Jacobs! And of course Miss Kate just rocks it!

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