34 comments on “Transformation of a fleece

  1. You are SO winning this year! Seriously, I don’t think anyone can top this… it is gorgeous! And something that is functional as well. AWESOME job!! Love the photos of you modeling too. 😀

  2. I was stunned by the clean classic lines that the felt formed on the final product. You did an excellent job. I’d love to try making one of my own!

  3. Gorgeous. I just love the color that you added to the natural Jacob. It’s a winner for sure. What are you going to do with the rest of that felt? I was amazed by how much felt two fleeces made.

    • Thank you! It is hard to believe, but I used a LOT of the felt and had to cut into every piece. I’m not sure what I will do with the bits that I have left. I still have some of the wool from the fleeces as well…probably enough wool for 5-6 more batts.

  4. I’m so glad you showed this here, because I doubt I’ll get to see the Spinners Lead this year. It is stunning, and I hope you win!

  5. Congratulation on winning both the Black Sheep Cup and Spinner’s Lead, Shannon.. I was head-over-heel seeing it (and your son’s vest) in person. Thanks for the inspiration 😀

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