8 comments on “Textures and Colors and New stuff!

  1. It was lots of fun this year! Great pic of my Calon lamb, by the way. She is working for Sue Gustafson in California now. I did get some okay-ish pics of you guys in the ring, and will email them to you shortly. I need to invest in qn upgrade lens and flash/diffuser. Can’t wait!

  2. Shannon, I never tire of looking at your website and checking out your farm life, new creations, ideas and good country girl values! Thanks for being you and for sharing so much of your life with those of us who also share a love for country, animals, fiber, people and creativity! Go girl!!!!

  3. You really had a great time, is that one of your scarves that your sister in law is wearing? Now i must hear more about those panels,I am endlessly dragging around hog panels to fill in the gaps! c

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