2 comments on “Morning chores…

  1. Love your posts Shannon, I haven’t put rams in yet with the girls here, probably the middle of October as we get really wet cold weather in Jan and Feb. so like to have babies the middle of March. I haven’t forgotten to send your halter back,will send it soon.. Tranquility is still wild as a March Hare and have her penned yet. I have been down with my back again with all the moving and stuff. I think she may have a blind eye as she always faces slightly to the left and pupil in the left eye is tilted, but I still love her looks and she has an absolutely gorgeous fleece. I can’t wait to get her sheared when my back is better! I am on the mend, but not enough for manhandling sheep for shearing. I love chicory flowers and plan to do one of my fields come spring. I know the sheep love them!!! Enjoyed our short visit when we came to pick her up. You have your place set up nice for the sheep and your barn is nice and big!!

    • Thanks, Penny. No problem about the halter, I know you have been SUPER busy! I had noticed that about Tranquility, but I think it might be due to the eye split…not sure but I think her sight is just obscured. I can’t wait to see what you do with her fleece. The chicory is great for the sheep and they are even eating the stuff that has bolted. Most of what I read online says that the animals won’t eat them after they bolt, but the Jacobs do 🙂 It was very nice meeting you in person and hope to see you again in the future!

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