22 comments on “Who is going to be first?

    • I love the nod to the recent Hobbit opening. My son named her when she was a couple days old and she was asleep on his lap. I told him that a couple people were interested in buying her and he said ‘no, mom, I can’t sell her…she is Precious’. I couldn’t make him sell her after that and everytime he talks about Precious, I hear Smeagol in the back of my head 😉

  1. Liberty seems like the obvious choice from the photos, but I am picking Opal because I like her name and her face. Go Opal!!! (Are you selling those calendars, too, in case we lose? 😉

  2. Choices, choices – some have such obvious bumps and bags, think I’ll go with Bronwen….. if I’m wrong, cute lamb pics of the first arrivals will be like a prize anyway.
    We have several feet of snow here in NY State, my neighbors flock of Shetlands wont be lambing until late April or May , so lamb pics in January will be a real treat.

  3. Okay I am going to say Hyacinth…she looks like she has dropped. But do you mind going out and shooting them all from the behind for me. I do so much better looking at V’s and bags than I do width. I know width can be tricky when quads are born….just sayin! Best of birthing to you and Mr. T.

    • I had to level the playing field for everyone 😉 No obvious pictures from behind. Jacobs are pretty good at tricking you anyways! Thanks! I am really hoping we have lambs before he goes back to school.

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