12 comments on “Bittersweet

  1. Venus gave you the final gift of taking a difficult decision out of your hands, dear girl.

    Yay for lamb candy! That Malachite has a comical face; I don’t know quite why. And Zelda is a beauty! What is the third one’s name?

    • She certainly did. Silly WordPress didn’t publish the first photo of the third lamb, along with her name 🙂 It is fixed now and her name is ‘Rose’. Malachite’s facial marking is pretty silly.

    • It is extremely sad when the old ones go but she went on her own happy and content. You gave her a wonderful life. On a happy note I love seeing your babies. 🙂

  2. Last year our opening day of lambing was a big one… 5 lambs in less than 2 hours. That same night our nearly 16 year old Shetland matriarch died in her sleep (she too had been having a rough go of it for several weeks). When we went out that morning to do chores, she was snuggled up with one of the new moms and her twins. When the mom and twins jumped up to join in the usual morning commotion, Jasmine the old black Shetland laid there silent and I knew. Sometimes the tough times and joyful times are all jumbled together.

  3. i’m so sorry about Venus! but i’m glad you didnt have to ‘make the decision’ – sometimes that’s easier. 😦 but golly those little ones are adorable! that hector is a badass…zoikes!

  4. Hi Shannon!

    We are terribly sorry to hear about Venus… I know you will miss her dearly. I have one of her daughters in my flock that I love very much… Puddleduck Vanessa.

    Your new lambs are, as always, beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! 😉

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