8 comments on “Summer Reading Program

  1. What a wonderful story–and the photos are adorable. I’ll bet you could send something like that into some parenting magazine–as if you need something else to do. Anyway, it is really great! I just realized that I am channeling this comment through Rusty–too late at night to care.

  2. Awesome post! Great photos. I’m very pleased with Theron’s flock tell him I think he’s doing a great job!

  3. I so much enjoyed this story. Could be a wonderful children’s book. There once was a boy…
    I agree with rusty7811: parenting magazine material. Thanks so much for sharing! You’re a wonderful mom.

  4. Okay…you know I don’t tear up easily…..Niagara falls my dear! Your creativity, passion and love poured into raising up this very special boy……well done, my friend, well done! If the world could just slow down a little and learn to take time to apply out of the box methods…….well, one boy at a time! Love you!!!!

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