32 comments on “Well under way…

  1. All pics so cute! I saw a few lambs and moms out early on this chilly morning as well. How about Legacy as the next to go. Avalon looks like the obvious one, but I’m not so good at this:)

  2. I love your pictures and commentary. I’m voting for either Legacy or Mollala as they both appear to have “dropped” a bit in their appearance. BUT, my girls have fooled me many times……

  3. Hi Shannon, The new lambs have the cutest faces! I am going to pick Canby to lamb next. She looks like she is standing stretched out.

  4. I think Avalon is going to have twins…she’s so large, so she might deliver sooner than the others! I pick Avalon and if I win, I would love the little grey and white doggie!

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