5 comments on “Woolly Wonders in the Eugene Magazine!

  1. What a terrific article and photos! Thank you so much for sharing your magical lives (with a lot of work involved!) With those of us who are farmer-dreamers.

  2. Shannon, this is a wonderful article. The photos are great and his writing is so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing! Be ready for another avalanche of commissions! 😉

  3. Congratulations! It is weird to see yourself in print. We were in a farm magazine once when the girls were small, and then in the paper a few times. It looks like he did a great job on the article. I’ll have to look for it when we get back

  4. Hey look nala the German shepherd made it into the magazine too! How cool! I still have the card with the felt pup next to it 🙂

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