4 comments on “more videos…

  1. Those lambs are so fun to watch run around… They’ll have me mesmerized forever! And don’t they always seem so innocent… compared to baby goats who always look like they’re plotting something. 😉 Adorable goats… I just know them too well. LOL And that little one that crawled under the other had me laughing out loud. Fun videos. 😀

  2. You are so right about goats – even the cute little babies 🙂 I don’t claim any of the goats that are here, they are my sister’s! They are so naughty, but fun to watch!

  3. OH MY GOSH, such a cute video. I was sitting at my computer laughing out loud and my twins asked me “whats wrong Mommy” pretty soon they were right beside me laughing as well. My husband comes downstairs to see what the laughter was all about so we played it again. We must have played it 4 times. Good job!!!

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