3 comments on “A Morning Farm Walk

  1. The weather in your area usually mirrors our weather. Don’t you just love a rainy day ? Anyway, your favorite chicken , if that is a tuft of feathers on top of his head ( could not tell ) then I would suspect it has some Silky in it…nice chickens . The bantams are so much fun.

    I really enjoy the pictures of the sheep, and I did not know a whippet would try to herd ! My retrievers all show a very healthy respect for my sheep, a respect they do not extend to my poultry. But then, they are BIRD DOGS after all ! Kathy Burnson

  2. Oh I envy you your blackberries! Ours are all finished, such as they were. With so little rain this year, rather than ripen, they just shrivelled up. This makes two years we’ve been berry-less. How I miss them. Is there anything better than a fat juicy blackberry still warm from the sun?

  3. You looked like you have nothing else to do so “Tag, you’re it.” Come on over and see what it’s all about… 🙂

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