4 comments on “Things you may not know…

  1. What an interesting life you have had thus far ! I am always interested in the route people take to arrive at certain points or interests in their lives ! Thank-you for sharing. Rodeo queen! Wow…

    I have never been tagged before, so will try to answer in my next blog posting ! Kathy Burnson

  2. Wow Rodeo Queen huh? That’s pretty impressive… And now no horses. Don’t blame you one bit though… Atleast you can put the sheep in the freezer. 😉

    I guess that would be one thing I should mention… We’re both royalty you know. I never wanted to but (hush hush) I was the Homecoming Queen my Junior year (yep, beat out the senior girls). Boy was I embarassed… I hated the whole thing but was surprised I won, that’s for sure! 😀

  3. mudranch – yeah, you can put sheep in the freezer and you can have a lot more of them and they still eat less than a horse does 🙂 Wow – Homecoming Queen – that’s impressive!

    Michelle – Nope, we had Jacobs first and then we got a few Shetlands. I loved their fiber but it was a lot easier having one breed of sheep and my heart belongs to the Jacobs 🙂

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